Pan America Adventure Tour

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2021 Harley Pan America

The Pan America Adventure Tour kicked off in April and is running through November, highlighting the all-new release of the Pan America™ 1250 and Pan America™ 1250 Special motorcycles by Harley-Davidson. The Pan America Adventure Tour is making its way into the Pacific Northwest soon, if you aren’t planning to hit the road and follow the tour.


Pan America Adventure Tour Registration

Whether you traveled outside of Portland or Vancouver to feel the liberation of the Pan America Adventure Tour first-hand or are waiting for the Harley-Davidson tour to make its way closer to Gladstone, we have your dates covered.

Not to mention, that if you did not have a chance to signup for the H-D-hosted demos back in April, you can signup at the PAN AMERICA DEMO REGISTRATION. Keep in mind, some demo events, overland events, and rallies may have signups on location.


The Revolution Max 1250 Engine

If the Pan America Motorbikes and the Pan America Tour have you revved up, you will certainly enjoy exploring both knowing that the brand new Revolution Max 1250 engine is available for both the Pan America™ 1250 and Pan America™ 1250 Special. Here is a quick breakdown of what you can expect from the Revolution Max 1250 engine:

  • Clean-Sheet Design
  • 150-hp
  • Liquid-cooled 1,250cc-displacement V-Twin
  • Overall motorcycle weight (Pan America 1250 534lb. wet/Pan America 1250 Special 559lb. wet) 

The Revolution Max engine, developed by the Harley-Davidson design and engineering teams, integrates into the central member of the motorbikes’ chassis. You endure smooth, low-end torque and low-speed throttle control for the optimal off-roading experience.

Learn More about the Pan America Touring at Latus Motors Harley-Davidson!

See what the Pan America 1250 and 1250 Special offers for both on-road and off-road riders. Contact us at Latus Motors Harley-Davidson for more information about the Pan America Touring Pacific Northwest, we are happy to share any and all details with you. If you are ready for a new Harley-Davidson experience, you can depend on us. Take a look at our new Harley-Davidson inventory

Seek out adventures on your own terms with the Pan America™ motorbikes. You will never see or feel any road the same! Let’s Ride!

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