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  • Explore Our Harley-Davidson Touring Bikes for Sale Near Portland, Oregon

    Harley-Davidson has plenty of options when it comes to Touring bikes. From the Electra Glide to the Road King to the Heritage and beyond, it can be difficult to navigate your options. Choose to shop at Latus Motors Harley-Davidson, and you can expect a diverse stock of touring bikes to try out. When you shop for a bike, it’s even more crucial that you find a bike with a ride feel that suits your driving style. After all, motorcycles are all about intimate handling and each bike has an especially distinct character.

    To give you a sense of what we mean when we talk about differences in handling, compare two of our most popular touring bikes below: our Street Glides and Road Glides for sale near Portland, Oregon. Then, fill out a pre-approval and test ride them both at Latus Motors Harley-Davidson in Gladstone to get a visceral feel for which handling style you prefer! We can also arrange for you to test ride some of our cruisers, like our Harley-Davidson Sport Glides for sale in Portland, Oregon!

    Road Glide vs. Street Glide

    At virtually the same price with nearly identical performance specs, it isn’t going to be easy for Vancouver riders to choose between our Harley-Davidson Street Glides or Road Glides for sale near Portland, Oregon. In fact, the primary differences come down to handling and aesthetics.

    Road Glide:

    • Taller seat
    • Heavier
    • More stable handling
    • Old-school aesthetic
    • Slightly more comfortable
    • A little better at deflecting wind
    • Shark-nose fairing

    Street Glide: 

    • Shorter seat
    • Lighter
    • Sharper handling
    • Swifter Acceleration
    • Sportier Aesthetic
    • Still solidly comfortable
    • Nearly as good at deflecting wind
    • Batwing fairing

    Test Ride Our Harley-Davidson Touring Cycles for Sale in Gladstone

    Now that you’ve read about some differences between our Harley-Davidson Street Glides or Road Glides for sale near Portland, Oregon, call Latus Motors Harley-Davidson at 503-249-8653 to book your test rides in greater Gresham. Since the look and feel of these models are the major difference to consider, it’s important that you test ride both, so you can truly know which one you’d prefer.

    We can also give you a taste of some other highlights in our inventory, like the other Electra Glide and Road King touring bikes in stock, as well as our traditional cruisers like our Sport Glides for sale near Portland, Oregon! While you’re here, take a moment to explore our Harley-Davidson information guides to learn about your options when it comes to Street Glide accessories, Road Glide accessories, and more!

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